How we helped TeloYears connect with divergent consumers
through their new brand.


Telomere Diagnostics (TDx), a molecular testing company founded by a group of scientists including a Nobel Prize winner, usually only communicates to other science types. Their product, however, had applications for both physicians AND consumers, two widely different audiences.

Here’s how we branded that product, TeloYears, and helped TDx craft a marketing strategy that would connect with both of these divergent groups and effectively tell the story of a technological marvel.







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Helping Telomere Diagnostics move past their scientist-centered focus to connect with consumers was the goal. The wrinkle was that the brand had to effectively communcate a tricky bit of science to these two audiences in order to help them understand WHY their product is so valuable.

So, how could we tell the brand story to these two groups…AND get them excited at the same time?


TeloYears is a genetic test that looks at DNA to determine the “age” of your cells, and thus a better approximation of how well your body’s aging than counting birth years. The TeloYears test does this through an analysis of the length of your telomeres, which are the caps on the ends of chromosomes in your DNA. The longer these telomeres, the “younger” your cells are, essentially.

Youth, and health are attributes that have a deep significance to both physicians and consumers. For physicians they mean well and happy patients, for consumers they represent vitality, freedom and happiness. What came to the surface is that both of these seemingly different audiences had overlapping feelings concerning youth and age. Happiness and health were highly associated with both groups.



We first developed a logo for the TeloYears test. Starting with the concepts of happiness and health, and what visuals they evoke, we combined them with the shape of the (rather human looking) chromosome, with its telomeres, to produce a very dynamic logo that appealed to both doctors and consumers. By analyzing the strengths of the test and its appeal to doctors and consumers, we developed a slogan that established a brand promise and marketing materials that resonated with both doctors who can prescribe TeloYears and consumers who would use it to measure their health.


The logo for TeloYears is an anthropomorphization of a chromosome, with telomeres representing hands and feet, leaping with joy and vitality. This characterization comes from the idea that through this test and lifestyle choices, cellular “age” can be positively influenced, and the clock can effectively be turned back. The implications being that youth is retained longer and wellness is increased.

A slogan was developed that captured the brand promise in a very succinct way: “Know how well you’re aging.” And if you are not aging well?…You can simply make changes in your lifestyle and ask the question again…and again…. This is the strategic advantage of the TeloYears test, repeatability. As a valuable diagnostic tool.

Golds and sunny yellows were selected to reinforce this positive and friendly feeling, both in the TeloYears figure and in a modish stripe pattern designed to work with the figure. This pattern, which is an abstraction of telomere length, was utilized throughout the collateral as a reference to the science beneath the technology and to give a modern and chic feeling to TeloYear designs.


It is one thing to have a logo that speaks to two distinct audiences, it is another to try to develop marketing materials that hope to do the same. It was here that we took a slightly divergent approach and developed a hero image for the consumer stuff while the the physician-oriented material was kept cleaner and more technical.

For consumers it was essential to sell the brand promise of a youthful active life at later ages. We therefore chose an image of a youthful middle-aged surfer to embody this quality, an activity within the grasp of those who are fit and youghful. Friendly graphics and typography were developed to accompany our surfer in order to help explain the highly technical science behind the test in a way that comforts and informs.


A special launch event was coordinated with the release of the test. Large format graphics and signage was designed on brand, with website and social media campaigns developed in support. The event was well attended and the presence of a cohesive brand identity helped TeloYears get out of the gate fast and quickly gain confidence both of their main target groups at the same time.


The TeloYears test has been widely accepted, and is now is legitimately considered on par with other widely known personalized genetic tests like 23 &Me and In fact, they are considered by physicians and consumers as a legitimate health evaluation tool, and are a leader in this industry. Based on the success of TeloYears, their technology is now branching out into ancestry and other health applications.

“The Adduci Studios brand identity for TeloYears was current, sophisticated and approachable. This propelled the test to be accepted by both consumer and physician audiences from inception.”

-Jonathan Romanowsky, VP Commercial Operations

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