Every year the International Society of Heart and Lung Technologists meet in a grand conference where the newest scientific and medical developments are discussed and celebrated. Every year a special international venue is selected.

As a pioneer in the field of genomic medicine as applied to heart transplantation, XDx is a regular visitor. Each year, XDx has a specific marketing focus for this event, often tied into location of the show. Custom marketing and dynamic graphics are developed, pre and post show, that celebrate this focus.

In 2009 the ISHLT event was in Paris, and XDx‘s theme was “Setting a New Standard”. This referenced the fact that AlloMap, XDx’s product, was rapidly becoming the standard used by heart transplant patients and centers, for monitoring the quiescnece of grafts received by transplant recipients.

Mid-century French advertising posters influenced the design milieu for this event, where a series of posters was developed referencing the current developments and successes of AlloMap in the marketplace.
These posters were utilized in the promotional materials given before and during the show, and they were featured prominently in the XDx booth. They were even developed into key cards for the hotel hosting the event.

Additionally, as a giveaway, a Metro map & guide was developed that highlighted the main attractions in Paris and the outlying areas. This map was branded in the signature event style and was included in a package for every guest invited by the company to visit the show.
Finally, a special invitation was designed for a VIP event that took place pre-show. Again, a classic French design motif was adapted.

This widely attended event garnered much attention and produced an abundance of traffic to the XDx booth. The promotional materials were highly sought after and collected, with most being kept long after the show.

Client: CareDx (formerly XDx)

Services: Biomedical Illustration.