TeloYears is a genetic test that looks at DNA to determine the “age” of your cells, and thus a better approximation of how well your body’s aging than counting birth years. The TeloYears test does this through an analysis of the length of your telomeres, which are the caps on the ends of a chromosomes in your DNA. The longer these telomeres, the “younger” your cells are, essentially.

The logo for Teloyears depicts an anthropomorphization of a chromosome, where hands and feet represent the telomeres. This figure is shown leaping to characterize the joy in the idea that through the utilization of this test and lifestyle choices, cellular “age” can be positively influenced and the clock can effectively be turned back, keeping youth around longer.

Sunny yellow was selected to reinforce this positive and friendly feeling, and a modish stripe pattern, which is an abstraction of telomere length, was utilized throughout the materials as a reference to the science beneath the technology.

Client: TeloYears

Services: Branding, web design, graphic design, events, signage