Blood clots are a dangerous condition that often requires a stint to be inserted into a vein. Depending upon the location of the stint, they can be hard to remove. Additionally, current designs can puncture vein walls, or even migrate. Enter Crux, a company who offers a unique filter that is easy to insert and retrieve, and has few of the risks associated with earlier designs.

Drawing on the protective essence of the product, a shield enclosure was created for the logo. On the shield, a stylized view of the product is shown tucked neatly into a vein. Taken together, the innovations in the design are readily apparent, allowing the logo to be literally interpreted–an important feature for a company whose entire raison d’être is this product.

Other materials that were developed leveraged this mindset and featured product renderings prominently, showcasing the innovative and novel approach to the existing problem.

Client: Crux

Services: Branding, graphic design, events