Adduci Studios is a strategically small firm whose aim is to create memorable visual solutions that impact and inspire. We believe good design is an essential commodity, and it is by being a good partner that this becomes possible. What does this mean?

The Yoda Principle

“Judge me by my size, do you…hmmm? ” Master Yoda was right of course. Adduci Studios is a small firm, but don’t be tempted to judge us by our size. We are small by design, but are potent and efficient, and masters of our craft. We have a focused team of professionals that we work with that can expand and contract as jobs require specific expertise or manpower. In over 17 years of business we’ve handled everything that’s been thrown at us, and we’ve never fallen short. We are proud of that. We always get the job done—well.

A Perfect Partnership

We strongly believe that the best work can only be done when a strong partnership exists between us and our clients. What does that mean? Well, it means a bunch of little things. It means giving our clients access to the principal members of our studio. It means being useful—helping out clients by answering questions, providing assistance when asked, endeavoring to understand their needs and delivering to that. It means never dropping the ball, and helping them succeed even at our cost, and much more. We focus on being that partner at all times.

We are a creative agency passionate about creating remarkable graphical solutions for remarkable people.We craft distinctive brand & identity solutions, marketing materials, product packaging, advertisements, illustrations, digital design, and much more. Our services include:

Branding & Identities

We tailor identity solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients knowing that building a strong brand is critical in communicating to their marketplace.

Graphic Design

We develop compelling graphical solutions for our clients’ advertising and promotional needs that help reinforce their brand and deliver impactful form or content.

Event Design

We work with our clients on organization and execution of graphical solutions for tradeshows and other events. This includes environment design, advertising and more. 

Web Development

It’s more essential than ever to have a compelling online presence. We help our clients discern their needs and create solutions that strengthen their image and brand.

Biomedical Illustration

Using the skills of both an artist and scientist, realistic and technically accurate medical and biological processes are brought to life tailored to a specific audience.

Technical Illustration

Our technical illustration prowess includes traditional line drawing of mechanical parts and subjects, as well as full color rendering and architectural illustration.  


Infographics tell a very specific data driven story. We create dynamic informational illustrations for a variety of media that tell that whole story, clearly visualizing the data. 

Concept Art

Using traditional and digital media, we create conceptual illustrations for previsualization in screen and game development. Creativity and imagination are premiums.

Philosophically, we feel very strongly about how we can best help our clients and what makes an effective partnership. This philosophy distills neatly into three key concepts that enable the best results. Each are extremely important, together they comprise a powerful formula:

Show Some Moxie

Dare to de different, bold, gutsy. These are qualities that get you noticed, and bring rewards. The most effective design is the one that stands apart from the crowd. What’s more, as both a challenge and a promise, if you do show some moxie, your product will reflect that attitude, and this returns results.

Be Useful

We appreciate that our clients come to us with a need. We believe that it is our primary mission to fill that need. But it is not just fulfiullment that is vital. More often than not clients require more. More expertise, more help, more knowledge. Being useful to our clients is one of the truest measures of value and is our goal at all times. We wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither should you.

Don't Be Boring

Let’s face it, in the immediacy of the information age in which we live only the very bold and very beautiful garner attention. Mediocre design solutions, whether in a logo, advertisement, product packaging, web site or even illustration will usually be ignored, or could even work against you. Great design sells, and with us, imagination is guaranteed.

Who We Are, Principally

Small by design, working with Adduci Studios means you’ll always be interacting with the two principals. When projects require additional bandwidth, or specific technical expertise, we design a custom team to meet those needs. This way you get the best of two worlds, accessibility and expertise.